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By joining the INS you will establish a network with fellow Nordic neuromodulators.

Networking can give valuebale input in order to improve quality of you services

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Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface - the preeminent journal about neuromodulation science and application, publishing timely, rigorously peer-reviewed articles on the state-of-the-art clinical, translational and basic science research. Members receive the print and online journal, including online access to over 20 years of archived content.

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NNS membership comes with a full membership of the INS.

Membership comes with:

-Exclusive web content


-Virtual journal club

- A lot more!

To become a member of NNS follow these steps

3. Register as New user or log in if you already are a user

2. Find Nordic Neuromodulation Society in the list of societies

1. Go to INS join webpage

4. Fill in form

More information about membership

The Nordic Neuromodulation Society (NNS) is a regional chapter of the International Neuromodulation Society.

As stated in the NNS Bylaws:

1) All members of the NNS shall be active members of the International Neuromodulation Society (INS).

2) The NNS is open for any person eligible for INS membership who is living or having a significant part of their work centered in any of the member countries (listed alphabetically: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden).


The NNS currently does not ask any yearly fee on top of the membership fee for the INS.

Current membership fees for the INS are:

- Regular membership: 150 USD / year (includes print subscription to the Neuromodulation Journal).

- Student/nurse membership: 50 USD / year (includes online subscription to the Neuromodulation Journal).